Morning Routine to Enhance Your Wellness

Daily life is a busy and often stressful experience for the mind and body.

There are morning people, as well as people who treat waking up in the morning as one of the most challenging things to do every day. Whether you like mornings or not, a nice AM routine sets the tone of your whole day. 

Here are some routines you can easily implement to get the best of every morning…

Greet the sunrise of every day

Our bodies run an internal clock synchronized with the night and day cycle of the Earth. That internal clock is called the ‘circadian rhythm’. It regulates bodily functions appropriate for the time of day. As a matter of fact, researchers associate an imbalanced circadian rhythm can affect overall health [1].

A great way to kickstart your day, and restore your natural circadian rhythm, is by simply waking up and getting some sunlight. Direct sunlight, either by opening your windows or stepping outside for a bit, signals your body that it’s about time to get started with your day.

Direct sunlight, either by opening your windows or sleeping outside for a bit, sends a signal to your brain, letting your body know that it's about time to get started for the day

Hydration is health

It sounds wrong that people have to be reminded to drink water, yet that is actually what many people tend to forget. 

As a vital driving force of every bodily process, the human body consists of roughly 60% water. If you think about it, humans also lose a lot of water throughout a single day through various means such as sweat, urine, faeces, and even breathing [2]. And while people forget to drink water, many choose to consume drinks that are packed gratuitously with sugar and calories, and even sports drinks which are less effective than water or milk [3]. Dehydration is linked with a decrease in thinking capability, which stops you from performing your best every day [4].

Drink water in the morning to replenish your body’s stores and keep it functioning properly. Likewise, don’t forget to hydrate frequently throughout the day.

Hydration is health

Get that groove going

Exercising yields a host of benefits for your body in part or as a whole. Just getting a groove on with simple exercises can influence your brain to release “feel-good” hormones called endorphins. [5] Likewise, the body also releases other hormones capable of helping your body handle stressors throughout the day.

Exercising can influence your brain to release 'feel-good' hormones throughout the body called endorphins

The great thing about exercise is that there’s always an exercise activity to fit every person’s lifestyle. By adding exercise to your morning routine, you can help give back to your body and kick start every day with a positive mindset.

CBD plant based products

Plant-based products

Another great addition to your morning routine is the inclusion of natural plant-based products such as CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. 

Holistic plant-based treatments such as medical cannabis have been making waves in different parts of the globe now, providing people with a range of alternative options for health and wellness.

Understandably, mornings can be a rushed and often manic time. As CBD can be used daily to potentially alleviate the symptoms of stress, taking CBD (via capsules or oil) every morning can be an ideal way to improve your morning routine and overall wellness.

The Takeaway

The daily grind is real for most people, but preparation and a good jump start can help ease it. Try it out, mix and match, and maybe these morning routines could be the missing piece to start your perfect day.


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